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As an emerging leader in global mHealth and wellness, we are providing a comprehensive and inclusive wellness plan that works as an adjunct or supplemental coverage for care beyond traditional medical plans is a daunting task, but it can be done. Being well is a right, not a luxury, and with AIM it can also be affordable.

With the constant battle over the Affordable Care Act, our vision was to create a path for every American to find their own way to the products that were right for them and their family.  To do so, we partnered with private Health Sharing, a variety of MEC providers, and WellCard Savings Network.

AIM has combined our own 24/7 nurse hot-line, our wellness network, mental health, and mHealth system with life supporting services such as, pet hot lines, medical concierge, national legal and financial services networks. We believe we have developed the most accessible, comprehensive, affordable, and robust wellness plan in the United States today.

Our clinicians are dedicated to providing you services in a HIPAA compliant on-line portal, or through our App, which ensures your privacy from your home, office, or location of your choice.

If you do not have access to the on-line system or our App, available for both Apple and Android, please call Customer Support at 833-888-3246.

You have ubiquitous access to things like:

• Health Sharing Ministries – Not unlike the concept of “insurance” in some ways, this revolutionary product defies the trend in private insurance of constant increase in cost with a decease in coverages. But this is NOT insurance. It is a community of like minded people sharing the expenses, cost burdens, all with the intention of keeping health care needs affordable.

• mHealth Care – Primary care visits, Mobile Primary Care , Prescription discounts, Dental and Vision discount plans.

• Wellness – Clinical encounters, and Preventative Care, Supplements, Vitamins, Bio Identical Hormones, Chiropractic care discount plan and national walk in clinic network, 24/7 RN hot line, and so much more. All of these things for pennies a day.

AIM has gathered the best providers in health care, mental health, and wellness. AIM has connected with major insurance companies, Health Sharing Ministries, and mHealth Solutions providers. We have put them all in one convenient location in this site. Empowering patients to pick and choose what services you need to keep your money where it belongs – In your pocket!

So welcome to American Insurance Management’s Wellness Community. AIM’s Wellness program provides you with a nurse hot line, on line clinicians, and much, much more..

So, log in and register – take a look around. See what fits into your family, and start shopping and saving thousands today.

If you have questions, we are right here to help, call our toll-free number, or click on the live chat operator in the bottom right hand side of the page. We have operators standing by to help you.

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