Optimal Weight Management

Optimal Weight Management and Fitness Program

Did you know that obesity is the number one cause of lost worker productivity in the United States?*

Would you like to have healthier employees and reduced absenteeism?

The Weight Loss and Fitness Programs address these issues and related health problems with your employees in a multifaceted approach.

We maximize your employees’ chances for Success by using the following:

Individualized dietitian and fitness
Group support
Motivational coaching, designed to maximize each individual’s chances of meeting goals

Our services are delivered via the following methods:

Virtual Encounter (via the Internet)
Secure messaging (IM) via the Internet

Check out a sample of these programs at today, and learn how you can have healthier, happier employees!

* “The Health Risks of Obesity Worse than Smoking, Drinking, or Poverty,” Rand Corporation, 2002, http://www.rand.org/pubs/research_briefs/RB4549/index1.html

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