Meditation and Relaxation Program

Meditation – The Corner Stone of any Wellness Program Mindfulness

“Whatever you do mindfully is meditation. When you touch a flower, you touch it with your fingers, but better yet, you can touch it mindfully, with your full awareness. What you think upon grows.” -Author Unknown


What is Meditation

Meditation is interactive not reactive.

Meditation is grounded in reality. Your mind will not empty (mind clutter) but it will seem focused.

Meditation is a catalyst for changing your physiology. The mind/body connection influences your body’s chemistry, balance,
and creates optimal health and wellness.

Learning to meditate will give you the tools and the time to be able to reason and process your life decisions without struggle.

Meditation is a vehicle for “escaping” and allows your mind/body to become limitless, to become creative, and to venture out where
you may never be able to go in an unaware conscious state.

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