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Dr. Mary Jo Ruggieri, author, speaker and researcher, was the founder and director of the Institute of Holistic Health Careers and the Center for Integrative Health and Wellness in Columbus, OH, which trains and educates students as Energy Practitioners, Polarity Practitioners and Holistic Health Educators.

For the past 25 years, she has been teaching complementary and alternative therapy and integrative health and wellness seminars at many medical schools, including The Ohio State Medical School to first year medical students.

She has also taught and established classes at Hocking Technical College, University of Utah, Bellevue Hospital, and Blue Sky Educational Center in Milwaukee, WI. She has a private Polarity and Health and Wellness practice for 15 years and is frequently invited to speak about Holistic Health, Complementary and Alternative Health Care, and Energy Therapies at the local and national level.

Mary Jo has a doctorate degree from the University of Cincinnati and completed her undergraduate work at Kent State University. She has a 30-year background in all facets of education with a focus in health science, physiology of exercise, sports training, and physical education. She is a retired assistant professor of 25 years from The Ohio State University, where she also coached national and Olympic athletes in synchronized swimming. She was a two-time Olympic coach in 1988 and 1992.

Currently Dr. Mary Jo is CEO and founder of E-Wellness Solutions, an e-commerce platform for providing wellness, holistic health, and preventive medicine to the public through education and holistic health resources.

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