Acute Care Triage

Acute Care Triage, Inc.’s mission is to deliver top-quality health care services that are accessible, confidential, and affordable. To accomplish our mission, we integrate Registered Nurses as a first line of defense to provide immediate responses to our membership.  We support this model with multiple pillars of healthcare; biometric screening, Mobile Primary Care services with advances in mobile technology, holistic health practitioners, and discount programs for services across the healthcare spectrum.

Through new modalities, Acute Care Triage will deliver ubiquitous medicine, triage, behavioral health, preventive medicine, and holistic wellness. This vision of a more efficient health care system with full clinician/patient collaboration is here and NOW in our portal.

24/7 Nurse Triage                   Discount rX Cards                                             Holistic Health Plans

Mental Health Access             Dental Discount Plan                                      Medical Concierge

Discount Labs/MRI/CT           Vision Discount Plan                                        Diabetic Supplies

National Legal Network         Walk-In Chiropractic Network                        National Financial Network

ACT now and take control of YOUR health!

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