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Our millennial’s delivery model is one that they understand, embrace, and will easily adapt to, increasing their reliance on a single point of use for all of their healthcare services. Now, this is not just for millennials, yet it is a simple solution for anyone who can use a Smart device, or a telephone.
Navigating the pitfalls of today’s healthcare system can be challenging. Today’s new healthcare on line clinics are wading in uncharted waters. Doing what we can to lessen the blow for patients and their families, is our mission.

Currently, national satisfaction rates with mobile primary care are topping 90%. The research on emergency room utilization shows, 84% of visits could have been resolved in an virtual encounter. Imagine the reduction in both cost and time wasted if we took all of those unnecessary visits out of the ER and Urgent Care for just ONE month! The numbers are in the Billions in savings, and the man hours?? WOW! Unimaginable!

The times have changed. Embracing these changes, moving to mHealth solutions like acutecaretriage.com will save your family time, money, and the exposure to germs in a hospital waiting room.

Advancement in medicine does not have to come in the form of higher spending. It can come in the form of advances in communication technology which have revolutionized other services we use today.

Devices are used for basic biometrics. Recorders send pulse rates, heart rates, and other data; even blood glucose results are being sent wirelessly. The National Health Service in England is exploring virtual hospitals. The possibilities are endless.

As costs continue to rise and people continue to seek more time at the end of the day, we in healthcare and technology must produce answers and present solutions. The barriers to access must come down. The legislation must be reviewed, rewritten, and replaced. The environment the practitioners work within, and are governed by, must become cooperative to unite the consumer and providers.

Virtual medicine, wellness, alternatives to western ways—all are here. It’s a brand new day in American Medicine, and we are here to keep the old establishment off kilter. Our disruption is a welcome one indeed.

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